Super Insulated House

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Super Insulated House

A New Super Insulated Home in Vermont

This super insulated, double wall home was an especially satisfying project to do for a growing family of four in Charlotte. At about 1750 square feet, it features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a guest/office space, pantry, mudroom, fully insulated basement and root cellar. There is also a finished attic space that adds another 300 sq feet of living and storage space. This house features double framed 12 inch thick walls. That means there is an exterior wall, an interior wall and a space between packed with cellulose insulation. The walls are R-42, the ceilings R-60 making this house super-insulated and inexpensive to heat. In fact, the house has only a central soap stone masonry wood burning stove as its heating source. It requires only about 1.5-2 cords of wood per year to comfortably heat year-round. The house is completely insulated from the basement slab all the way to the peak of the house so that every possible square foot of space under the roof is available for living and storage. Because the house is so tight, we also installed an excellent air exchange and heat recovery system to ensure fresh air was being brought in during the winter months with minimal heat loss. This home is partially powered with a roof mounted solar voltaic electric panels and solar hot water panels. Several built-in shelving and drawer units were built on-site and all the floors are hard and soft wood, most of which were harvested and milled off of the Mom’s parents farm in Massachusetts including Cherry, Ash and Elm. Because the house has such thick walls, deep window sills are created that add to the coziness of the house. These are all trimmed out in knotty pine that was milled on site. Cost was about $175.00/ sq. foot with solar (house only). About $160.00 per square foot w/o solar, but includes super insulation and masonry stove.

super insulated home, green building, energy efficient, indoor air quality, masonry wood stove

This house is well suited for the cold Vermont winters and only uses about a cord of wood a year for heat.

Custom design, durability, energy efficiency, fine craftsmanship

Thick walls add to cozy feeling

Solar electricity, net zero, solar hot water

Solar panels on roof bring this home to net zero energy use

Masonry fireplace, wood heat, energy efficient

This centrally located soapstone masonry stove heats the entire house for a year yet only uses about a cord of wood.

Custom kitchen, custom design, fine craftsmanship

Locally harvested wood used for custom cabinets

 Custom kitchen, custom design, fine craftsmanship, Energy Star