Energy Efficient House

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Energy Efficient House

Simple Energy Efficient Design

Green Building

This energy efficient¬† 1 1/2 bath, 2 bedroom home captures the spirit of Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House”. Although less than 1400 sq feet, it feels spacious and cozy inside. It is a simple cape design and features wet spray cellulose insulation in the walls with an R-50 roof. Living space was created right to the peak of the house by adding a sleeping loft and storage space above the second floor.¬† A small family room was also created in the insulated basement space making living space available on 4 levels of this modestly sized home for this growing family. Lots of local milled wood was used for the flooring and trim inside. Fiber cement siding and wood trim was used on the exterior. The home is all set up to add a covered porch on the east gable end as well.

Energy Efficient Heating

This home heats primarily with wood (less than 1.5 cords per year) and radiant floor heat (only on the first floor) sourced from a wall vented high efficiency oil furnace that can burn bio-diesel and provides the house with hot water. This home also features solar photovoltaic panels which are net metered. Excess electricity is run back into the grid making this home extremely energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Design, not so big house, green building

House under construction

Energy efficient design, green building, solar electricity

The Not So Big House